Friday, January 17, 2014

Gora Sou - Troposphere Themes (sicsic 068)

its a sicsic sativa world that evolves with each batch. these lovely waves of sound are dedicated to all of the beautiful people at Humboldt Relief. their unflinching resolve during this trying time is an example to me and something from which I regularly draw strength. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :) 

Sicsic struck sativa gold with this tape. Troposphere Themes, from Gora Sou, is thee tape of another wonderful batch, with Köhn's dazzling cassette following closely. Light, gentle hues emit a sheen; resplendent waves engulf one; evanescent shades of dark reside in a state of equilibrium with its brethren for the entire ride - spacey and introspective. As gentle and comforting as some of my favorite new age. However, the listener should be aware as menacing fangs come out at the end - astral, placid, and ominous executed nicely!

Surprisingly, this is only the second release from Gora Sou, the moniker of Marc Übel from Heidelberg, Germany. Further Records released the first zoner of this project, Music For Girls. A good friend tipped me off one this one. It's always nice to share inspiring and joyous musical moments with friends.

As the ethereal journey commences with the aptly titled "Lifetime Supply", there seems something mysteriously beautiful coming from the speakers. Each wave is more intense and crackling than that which it precedes. Brilliant tones amplify to light up the sky. Lovely tropical percussive sounds sit in the back of the mix. A noteworthy characteristic of each track, Gora Sou subtly adds intriguing sonic elements. Tracks evolve wondrously to the ear, each refinement illuminating barren space. With the pace rapidly spinning out of control and awestruck, over a cluster of clouds the listener perceives a throbbing welter of color and sound waves. Penetrating and hazy synthesizer, not unlike something one may hear on an Emeralds release, loops in the beginning of "Isolation Rhythm". Beams of effervescent sound jut up from the enveloping haze. Electronic apparitions shriek excitedly, accelerating through the labyrinth and leaving clouds of vapor in their wake. Much like its predecessor, everything comes together to great effect. Gentle - slightly poignant, too - synth tugs at the heart strings wistfully. In the last track on side A, "Lucid Dream", austere rhythms mutate next to peaceful notes. Coiling reverberations spiral out of earshot. Warm manifestations and lightly quivering electronics become apparent. The combustible energy is visceral. Sonic shrapnel pierces the skin. Lovely new age vibes abound as the track travels in a vacuum - its aura still keenly felt light years away. Another new addition to the top shelf, and we still have yet to experience the flip!

Whimsical ascent sees the listener climb a vine of gossamer, flowery sonics in the beginning of "Pro Skin." Buoyant waves of tranquility combine with fluttering tones. This section is juxtaposed to an affecting drone, resembling the slipstream. Ominous reverberations wrap one in an effulgent blanket. Eerie percussion ripples throughout the vastness, splintering towards the end. While being the shortest track on the tape, it may be perhaps the most beautiful. The next track starts off in foreboding manner - palpable haunting vibrations. Ghastly emanations and swirling hues of blue precede another notable section of the tape. The electronic beast writhes portentously in this cosmic jungle. Menacing in effect, its unlike anything on the tape. Poignant and voluminous layers of synth are present during the embryonic period of daybreak. Translucent tones exist on the periphery of chugging noise and rapidly stuttering energy in the final track. Spinning out of control, everything is subsumed leaving no trace.            

  Here's another reason to search for a copy of this out of print tape: David Toro of Rotifer creates vivid artwork that matches the sonics. Shining in all of its home-dubbed beauty, Troposphere Themes appears in an edition of 100 tapes. It's only a matter of time this gem appears at Tomentosa, Unit Structure, or S.O.L.

peace and love, friends :)