Friday, January 10, 2014

Djin Aquarian, Plastic Crimewave & The Everafter - Live at the Hemlock 10/08/11 (KSE #254)

Friday vibrations and Jane Doe. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

At Honest Bag, Friday is dedicated to all the beautiful heads out there! Kendra Steiner Editions, the label of Bill Shute, provides the fuel for this rocket trip to cosmos. For approximately 40 minutes guitar masters Djin Aquarian, Plastic Crimewave, and their band, engage in some crystal-covered psychedelic/space rock. One can only imagine the energy circulating at the Hemlock on that early October evening in 2011. For all the heady guitar pyrotechnics that permeate the track -"The Holy Breath of Fire" - the dynamics are just as noteworthy. The track moves through several stages. Some are cathartic, led by fervent guitars, bass and percussion. Other's dither in the haze of dawn, emitting palpable, resonant energy. Sometimes the proceedings meander in a valley until precipitously ascending to the zenith with the fleetness and vigor of a cheetah. For all the plaudits due to the illustrious guitars, the bass and drums provide a solid foundation on which the track flourishes. The lovely Janina Angel Bath's radiant voice can be heard intermittently throughout the recording. 

These top shelf vibrations come highly recommend. Plastic Crimewave is credited with the art, while the colors are attributed to Hands of Hydra. Last copies of this stellar nug are available directly from KSE.

peace and love, friends :)