Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ua Yenoh Cry Cry / Space and Order (Orl 17)

spiritual zoners. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Bows of obeisance are a harbinger that beget astral inundations. For 40 minutes analog waves mutate and assume copious forms. As a listener, these otherworldly passages offer an intriguing study in sound. Space and Order, the first full length release from Big Blood's Shon Mahoney, is something in which to immerse oneself. On this tape from Orila Records, Shon utilizes a combination of keyboards and physical instruments to conjure celestial vibrations that populate the listener's sky. Space and Order exhibits a lovely confluence of psychedelic and minimalist sound. These instances are sonically potent.

Immediately, a soothing drone abuts enigmatic fluctuations. As the drone morphs, a section of animated notes become audible. The second track on side A hits the Honest Bag sweet spot, displaying the aforementioned character of the tape. Drones, touching on the beauty of Eliane Radigue, are surrounded by cosmic signals and noise. Toward the end of the side A, peaceful echoes from the periphery move more proximate, exhibiting a character that is opaque, yet vibrant and lustrous to an extent. The flipside starts strongly. Charred, sustained layers of keys are interceded by poignant manifestations. The drone writhes, displaying an irregular form - visceral, as one can almost feel the sound disintegrating, flecks of energy pierce the listener's body.

Produced in a limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed tapes, the artwork is by Shon Mahoney and the sleeve design by Coleen Kinsella. Space and Order may be purchased directly from Orila, or through Tomentosa.
peace and love, friends :)