Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Romannis Mötte - Kozmische (FEF14)

high as a kite with this cosmic nug!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The music of Romannis Mötte is fuel for sonic explorers, leading to a gateway of heightened aural perceptions. Transitory expeditions enriched with slowly unfolding, spacious and vibrant soundscapes shimmer for the duration. A long burning light guides the listener through two sides of intricate kosmische zoners. Romannis Mötte is the project of Chad Davis (Hour of 13, U.S. Christmas). Kozmische - issued on Fort Evil Fruit and the only release of Romannis Mötte - is the culmination of recording from 2005-13. As suggested by the title, the project is influenced by kosmische luminaries such as Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching and Tangerine Dream. The first two tracks on side A are contrasted in mood, but exhibit Davis' adept composition skills, along with the use of texture and space; something to which the attentive listener will become accustomed over the 50+ minute trip.

  Track 1 on side is among my favorites of 8 excellent tracks. Sonic energy burrows into the clouds, producing blurred radiance. Shortly, the room is blessed with brilliant, churning energy - riding the crest of a beautiful wave. Racy synth, resonant and edgy, is occasionally joined by solemn, sustained layers in the third track. The last track on side A is fascinating. Mysterious and ominous vibrations wallow, and one can hear shrieks in the distance. Each track is a slowly unfolding story. Subtle changes abound throughout. Yet, on this track there is a dynamism present that witnesses a lovely transition. Crystalline layers of sustained serenity gently soar among propulsive rhythms and effervescent tones. Nascent, sinister vibrations surround one as the flipside commences. As it plateaus somewhat, the energy whirs prior to the introduction of elegiac synth and spacey sounds. Lively, opaque synth lights a path through the stars in the second track on side B.  Kozmische ends brightly, as we ascend into the light among peaceful, soothing synth.        

Kozmische glistens like faithful Popeye! Straight from the top shelf to your unsuspecting head, Davis' composition skill is omnipresent throughout. Subtle changes introduce new elements into already compelling, slowly unfolding soundscapes. Therefore, I suggest listening attentively.  Kozmische is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies in clear purple cassette shells. Though it is sold out from Fort Evil Fruit and unavailable through No Magic Man, Kozmische is available from a discogs seller. This is merely an option for those interested. Also, Kozmische has been recently re-issued on lp, by Phantom Records.

peace and love, friends :)