Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tipow - Dust From Ancient Holographs (Worn Habit no. 11)

purps and Tipow =  haze for daze and transitory trips.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Dust From Ancient Holographs is the type of tape where the artwork and sonic matter align perfectly. Even before entering the zone of Tipow, the beautiful and mystical artwork engrossed me for a while - probably the best that I have encountered this year. Then, upon entering the portal, all one can sense is the next step. Shrouded in opaque, ambient transmissions from various sources, Dust From Ancient Holographs, on Worn Habit slowly expands throughout one's head. Comprised of degraded tape manipulations and lofi guitar excursions, this is the debut tape from the duo of Josh Tippery - Royallen, Reefer Tree, Perspectives and more - and label proprietor, Michael Pouw.  Given that I believe this tape to be highly experiential, a parsimonious review follows.

Dusty tones ripple in a snowstorm of oscillations and hiss, as side A begins.  Ambient sound from a bygone era shifts in the aural light. Ethereal, yet caught in a gauzy web. Tape moves turn eerie until being subsumed by a sea of hiss. Near the end of A, lightly echoing tones ripple to the boundary awareness - my favorite part on side A. There really is nothing quite like the beginning of the flipside. As side B move into motion, a tape sample of an overt, religious freak with an authoritative voice speaks passionately: "because you act on what you believe, you receive." As the subject's myopic voice degrades into blurred waves, one is placed under the spell of something that can be described as elegiac, ruminative, and mysterious. Grainy and torpid, these otherworldly emanations swell like clouds of indica haze.

Buy this tape, and one will receive the comprehensive Worn Habit experience. First, the foldout style inserts are among my favorite from any label. Each Worn Habit tape that I have purchased contains lovely artwork, which is just as much a part of the experience as the music. Produced in small editions with lots of love, this tape is already sold out at the source. Dust From Ancient Holographs may be purchased from Tomentosa.

peace and love, friends :)