Saturday, November 16, 2013

Headboggle and Vibrating Garbage - Untitled (BOTR019)

the dankest party happening in your head.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

You're here, and now it's time to party! Lately, I cannot get enough of this sativa-fueled nug between Bay Area sound artists and noise brothers Headboggle and Greg Garbage, the latter of whom has been featured many times in this trichome-covered stash of supreme vibrations. This cassette is the result of a rehearsal for a one-off collaborative performance in 2012. With Headboggle utilizing Ciat-Lonbarde/ Blippoo and Greg Garbage on MFB/ 606 these electronic zoners explode, streaking across the starry night sky, disseminating its payload on those ready for its heavy-duty vibe. This collaboration emits ubiquitous energy which infuses the surroundings with entrancing, and sometimes funky vibrations that keep your head nodding. 

Despite the symmetrically timed sides, there's nothing even or balanced about these electronic serpents which accelerate, writhe, and contort willfully through one's environment. All one can do is allow the spectacular vibe to play out. On side A, grainy transmissions and deep beats are joined by electronics which vacillate, and increasingly driven rhythms. A confluence of stuttering, hissing, and echoing noise abuts synth that exhibits myriad textures. Suddenly, we drift through some vague spaces prior to being infused with high flying, lively energy. The end of side A is outstanding. Upon reaching the apex, waves of aural energy grace one - lovely! The flip continues the trip. Heavy, periodic beats and incipient energy gradually gain strength as side B commences. Later, the mood turns eerie, leaving one isolated. Shortly, scrambled signals and a wall of noise threaten as it juts, bubbles, screeches and swirls. 

Produced in a limited edition of 80 pro-imprinted and pro-duplicated chrome cassettes, the artwork is by Greg Garbage, and the layout and design assistance credited to Paul Browning. Your ticket to lifted times may be found directly from Beer on the Rug or through Tomentosa!     

peace and love, friends :)