Monday, November 11, 2013

Monte - Index (Dept04)

ear candy.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

A vestige of some spaced-out escapade reappearing in ambiguous form many years later, Index from Monte on Department Tapes is ear candy for those who enjoy blissful, cosmic and mysterious synth. Having the fidelity of a distant dream, Monte bestows two sides of blurry ambient vibrations and field recordings. I have been playing this tape everyday for the past week or so.  One reason is the mysterious nature, which is almost palpable after each listen. An engaging tape, no single element dominates the sound. Index has an intriguing sonic blend, ranging from deep blue mystical synth zoners/sci-fi passages to tranquil drones.

As side A begins there is a lovely juxtaposition of organic sound and multifaceted passages of warm, cloaked energy. Softly ascending synth and field recordings of water soon give way to a warm climate in which arpeggios fervently ride the contour of a radiant wave. Shortly, we jettison to the cosmos where mesmerizing oscillations orbit the head. Quickly moving arpeggios accelerate, becoming a brilliant stream of energy which quivers vigorously. Placid drone and relaxing loops end side A in style. Blurred loops animate among grainy bird calls as the flipside begins - lovely! The next track is completely unexpected. It has a blown out electronic Tracey Trance vibe. After that excellent departure, we land in nug heaven as soft ambient waves modulate uninhibitedly. Withdrawn rhythms hit the head like a lazy breeze.

Of all the tapes I purchased from the last Tomentosa update, Index is the one that I listen to most. There is not much known about Monte, and this cassette is extremely limited - 30 copies.  I'm very impressed with the sounds on the label and anticipating the next batch.  Mostly likely, the last few copies are available from Tomentosa.

peace and love, friends :)