Thursday, June 27, 2013

Journey of Mind - Brain Sink (Worn Habit no.08)

 Brain Sink is one of my favorite crystal-covered nugs!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Solitary droplets of melancholy reverberate in the listener.  Pensive notes are adeptly juxtaposed to soulful plucks that tremble.  Jimmy Billingham's lovely sample-based project, Journey of Mind, fits snugly in the blossoming discography of Worn Habit.  Through his music, Jimmy demonstrates a proclivity for crafting something that resonates emotionally within the listener.  On this tape, it's almost as if he bends time - such is the quality of the sounds - slowing its progression and allowing the listener to absorb the constituent parts. Rather than something which will transport you, Brain Sink on family fave Worn Habit, is an introspective meditation that shifts in the passing seconds and minutes.  Brain Sink exists calmly next to the listener.  It's the type of music that holds your hand while guiding you through time.  To be present as these sounds warble, bend, get lost in the hiss, ascend, descend and move laterally is to realize something beautiful.  The intensity of the beauty on display belies the length of the tape.

Side A is beautifully constructed and moves through several sections.  Elegant and cloaked, it moves tortuously.  An introspective track that flourishes under the veil, it commences with tender plucks and mournful notes that reverberate.  A few minutes in, a nascent wave of buoyant energy manifests, becomes submerged and returns to its former state.  The synergy of all three elements engenders aural euphoria - the coalescence of introspection, nostalgia, and buoyancy.  I return faithfully to the flipside.  Side B is some of the best music I've heard this year.  Flowery in sound and languorous in pace, each iteration removes a layer as the listener moves more proximate to the essence.  This track receives a lot of playtime next to the trees.  Lethargic waves of gentle energy meander in the clouds as rain droplets descend from the leaves of verdant trees.  Passages of ethereal sound drift naturally through tenuous branches - beautiful and comforting!  Side B exists in the time lag.  It slows life, exhibiting its nebulous states, blurred lines and tangential nature.  Deeply affecting, it's one of Jimmy's best tracks.

 More crystal-covered top shelf nugs from Worn Habit!  Brain Sink was released in conjunction with an instantly out of print cassette from Tuluum Shimmering.   Endowed with the love of being home-dubbed, Brain Sink is accompanied by lovely foldout artwork.  Both are likely to be available at Tomentosa in the near future.  For now, the last copies of Brain Sink are available directly from Worn Habit.                               

peace and love, friends :)