Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Paul Hares - Blurred (RC70)

a tape suffused with crystal-covered vibrations.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Dense waves of blurred sound pulsate and disintegrate. Crisp beats and stuttering sonics leave one elevated in the clouds.  'Flight Over the Praire' is one of many outstanding tracks in this eclectic, fine exhibition of beat infused ambient music.  Blurred, from Paul Hares on trusty Rotifer, pulsates with vitality and variety. This tape is full of crisp beats, dank rhythms and mutating ambient soundscapes.  A tape endowed with profuse vacillations, the listener is guided through a myriad of sonic environments that are discernible by texture, pace and style among other things.  The artwork is informative. Once the celestial gateway in your mind is thrust open, the deluge of ideas appears infinite.  The 18 zoners on this tape encompass many styles including spacey/cosmic; mystical; tropical; warm ambient; and eastern tinged.  Admirers of Manual; Khonnor; BOC; and OPN among others will be in for a head trip!

The differing moods and styles employed make this tape glisten among its peers.  Exquisite ambient warmth resonates among expansive synth and beats that hang heavy in the third track, 'Morning Dew'.  'Monsoon Rains', the fifth track, moves in a different direction.  Opaque, blurred sounds gently caress the listener's head.  With head in the cosmos, one notices burgeoning ominous currents that manifest furtively.  The slight, yet perceptible, shift in mood is done adeptly.  Crisp, potent beats coalesce with submerged warm oscillations and low-ends in 'Power of Love'.  Meanwhile, 'Autism', the second to last track on side A, has a tropical feel.  Comprised of cascading, solitary tones and engaging beats, it's yet another facet in the bulging sonic repertoire of the artist.  'Amsterdam Trip' is a fine way to settle into the flip.  Billowing clouds of sideways sounds, blurred structures and plodding rhythms illuminate the head.  One of my favorites is the eastern tinged 'Landing on the Desert', which could be some type of mutant electronic homage in the cosmos to Willie Lane.  Few tracks exist in the rare air of 'Carotid Labyrinth'.  Soporific, blurred sounds fluctuate among a grainy backdrop, propulsive beats and low ends smeared in trichomes.  One of the better electronic tapes I have heard this year.

Along with the Iasos tape from Rotifer, Blurred sits in trichome heaven and is highly recommended.  Produced in a limited edition of 50 professionally duplicated cassettes with great artwork and an insert, Blurred may be procured directly from Rotifer.

peace and love, friends :)