Thursday, June 13, 2013

Creation VI - Akroamatikos (CW13)

stoner spinach for your trip to the cosmos.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

On Akroamatikos, Creation VI emits prodigious ambient drones and soundscapes that enthrall the listener.  Released on one of my favorite labels, Cosmic Winnetou, this is a listening experience characterized  by immersion. These long form tracks may appear inert in sections, yet contain many moving parts. With music so beautiful, the listener is stimulated to attentively observe the slowly shifting sound. Throughout all four tracks, Creation VI combines subtlety with more conspicuous transitions in sound and mood.  As one inhabits the environment where the drones resonate fervently - it is engrossing - each encountered strand of sound drips from the minute hand, fluttering in the cosmic dust as fate approaches.  Now, I'm not sure about the instruments utilized on this tape.  However, I'm certain about one thing:  Akroamatikos is a one-way ticket to the cosmic doorstep of seemingly infinite sonic possibilities.

From the time one presses play, the aforementioned sonic possibilities manifest.  Burgeoning resonance transports the listener to the horizon, from which the ascent commences.  'Arche' acutely combines an intense  character with more gentle sounds of various timbre.  Gradually, the drone becomes more concentrated and intense.  Warm blotches of sound pulsate within the consuming drone.  Soon, the warmth is replaced by something more mysterious.  Periodic currents of cosmic dust find the accelerating mass impenetrable.  The addition of a nascent, soft drone - light pulsations - a few minutes later is a nice juxtaposition to the heavy elements.  Almost ten minutes in, one perceives a change in the intensity of the sound, which feels a step or two less potent - gorgeous change in tempo!  Toward the end, a sense of serenity prevails and the sound slowly descends to a state of rest.  The luminescent squeals and ritualistic drone of 'Logos' offer a different perspective compared to the heaviness of its predecessor.  Shortly, a solemn drone nearly consumes everything in its path - a nice contrast to the beginning.  At this point, the listener pleasantly drifts along.  Ethereal bursts of energy appear later in the track, sprinkled with ambient magic.  Surprisingly, heavier tones come into being at the end, which slowly dissipate in the ether.  The flip begins with a fine exhibition of mixing  peaceful elements with shifting mood.  Warm sound meanders tranquilly in the beginning of 'Eidos', growing in stature.  Currents of hiss arise. For those that prefer peaceful, warm sounds, this is your track.  A few minutes later, the effervescent serenity seems more subdued.  Before long, a deluge of metallic textured tones abuts the drone.  Moments of poignancy and warmth coexist to wonderful effect.  Even later, the placid sound fluctuates between soothing drift and and being more immediate - a stellar track!  'Panta Rhei' is a nice meditation on sound, as a golden, buzzing drone exists next to fluctuating tones.  Growing in vigor, the drone overtakes everything.  Yet, it's character changes once it reaches the zenith.  It's a beautiful thing to watch it morph as other aural elements come into being.  At this juncture, the sound is fierce and a sense of immediacy becomes evident.  Variegated tones manifest in the subtly shifting soundscape.  The overall feel is moderated a bit by swirling ambient sound and repetitive tones.

Much like Popeye, Akroamatikos is covered with glistening crystals on the inside.  Therefore, don't give this a superficial listen - the type of experience where you multitask.  Sure, the music will sound great regardless of your level of concentration.  However, there is a sacred gift for the traveler who wants to experience this music without other stimuli present.

  The latest batch of Cosmic Winnetou is awesome.  Perhaps the best part is the beautiful artwork of Ana Cabaleiro, which accompanies all three tapes.  The artwork for each tape connects wonderfully with the music.  Though it is sold out at the source, i was able to find a copy for sale at Meditations. Shortly, it will be available through 905 and Tomentosa.

peace and love, friends :)