Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Noir and Antic Hous - Catoptromancy (GLD028)

fuel for a deep exploration into the unknown.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)  

There are few inhabitants in the areas where these sounds manifest.  When one listens to Catoptromancy, by Noir (Jesse Osborne-Lanthier) and Antic Hous (Michael Plante), it is the experience of disparate sonic elements completing the other; of sound coming into being and then departing; the birth of something from unlike sources. One of the most attractive facets of this release is the experiential component and awaiting that which will next occur.  Jesse and Michael created these compositions with an array of instruments: custom modular synthesizer, reverberation tank, Teac A-2340 reel to reel, Jomox T-Resonator filter matrix, trumpet and hybrid computer software. Released on GoldtimersCatoptromancy is not dominated by any one element.  Rather, it succeeds in exhibiting the relationship of opposite elements/ideas and exploring sound. The beautiful, minimal artwork does an excellent job of portraying the music.  Regarding mood, some may perceive it as dark ambient music.  However, move beyond preconceived notions.  This is head candy for the sonically obsessed. 

 Sustained tones whir and echo beyond the periphery on 'Floats Forever'.  Meanwhile, 'Fever Dance' could be some type of space ritualistic zoner - it adeptly combines pulsations and resonance.  The churning noise and buzzing sound of 'Capitulating Oscillations' ends with submerged oscillations juxtaposed to signals and hiss.  Perhaps my favorite is the first track on the flip, 'Altostratus Hair'.  Perfect for meditation, it has the resonant quality of a raga.  Surging waves of sound resonate strongly.  Shortly, a nascent drone is noticeable. It garners strength quickly.  Hovering over everything with its golden energy, the tones modulate and massage the head.  The lucid waves of sound soon move to the background, replaced by something more opaque and removed - lovely stuff here!!

Limited to 50 copies with a double sided j-card and professionally duplicated, Catoptromancy may be purchased directly from Goldtimers.

peace and love, friends :)