Monday, June 24, 2013

Ypotryll - Yellow Smoke (JZK032)

sweet as honey - i dig this smoke from Ypotryll.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

When I think of yellow smoke, i'm reminded of the tasty accumulation of copious spirit smoke that leads to a tranquil environment.  In the event that the aforementioned does not present itself as attractive, the meditative, multifaceted compositions on this tape will deliver you to the same place.  Yellow Smoke, by Ypotryll on Jozik, is a tape of languorous, expansive, opaque soundscapes that at times nestle comfortably in the head.  Other times, the listener is mesmerized by sustained, potent oscillations or the lovely progression in sound, which is the highlight of side B.  These compositions are not sweeping or ethereal.  Rather, the soft energy it radiates on side A is reflected within and morphs throughout.

  On side A, resonant, sustained tones billow in the haze.  Mysterious and meditative, it's the type of sound that envelops the listener.  Tranquil tones manifest periodically, becoming permanent with each passing breath.  The expansions and contractions are ubiquitous.  Oscillations echo on the periphery.  Shortly, the track transitions to a place dominated by potent, vigorous oscillations and bursts of noise.  The flip is great!  Within a track, this artist is proficient at establishing a sonic atmosphere and subtly modifying its direction.  Side B comes together almost immediately, conjuring images of meditation among trees.  The juxtaposition of the echoing beats, like the ripples in a pond, and gentle sound which glistens in the mist is beautiful! Screeching guitar exists deep in the mix.  Shortly, vocals and multifaceted noise enter the mix.  As the components move simultaneously at a loud volume, it's extremely pleasing to the ears.  Over time the prominence of each part seems to shift.  Meditative drone aligns with the breath prior to opening the eyes.

A great tape from a label that I highly admire and recommend!  Limited to 50 copies, it comes in a soft poly case with a hand-stamped insert.  Jozik and Tomentosa have the goods!

peace and love, friends :)