Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Numinous Eye - Clockwork Moon (MVD5703LP)

interstellar trichomes for these spacey top shelf jams.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

There's nothing like accelerating toward a glistening star in a spacecraft comprised of 180 gram vinyl!  Provided the deluxe vinyl treatment by Nod and Smile Records, Space/psych rockers Numinous Eye lay down their most cohesive tracks to date.  Clockwork Moon sees Mason Jones and Mike Shoun take their craft to the next level.  Where the trichome-laden Sloow tape, The Tunnel at the End of the Light, expanded minds with heavy, fuzzed out space rock excursions, cosmic effects and heady drumming, Clockwork Moon harnesses that obliterating psych energy and redirects it toward song structure and an expanded sonic palette- all the time retaining the elements that made the Sloow tape such a great listen.  There are moments of Sloow haze that shimmer in the cosmos, which are circumscribed by well-composed tracks.  The layers of sound resonate beautifully on vinyl; the clean sound allows the listener to absorb the myriad layers of heavy sound emitted by Mason's multifaceted guitar playing and Mike's excellent drumming.  Additionally, Clockwork Moon boasts echoing vocals, synths, bass and an array of other instruments.  Admirers of Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth and Carlton Melton will find plenty about which to salivate. Clockwork Moon is a potent statement and, hopefully, a glimpse of the future.

Immediately, with the drop of the needle, the listener is captivated by echoing vocals and resonant guitars.  Already, one perceives a change in the way they structure a track - more like a song - which allows their proficiency to shine through.  The pace climbs the ladder throughout.  Subsequent to the initial section, driving guitars, deep bass and propulsive drumming endow the track with enhanced energy.  Toward the end, the Sloow crystals go up in smoke with a section of blistering guitar.  Another impressive track is the last one on side A, 'Building Dreams'.  The sinuous guitar blazes with unpredictable energy; it moves like a neurotransmitter racing around the head.  'Reduced to Ash' is my honest bag bong special of the day.  For me, it's the best track on the album and the one that brings everything together.  From the start, one perceives that this track is different from the others.  For one thing, the pace is much different.  More so, the tribal drums, echoing guitars and vocals move into zones that fans of Sun Araw will appreciate.  Ascending guitars toward the middle lead to a section of sacred drift.  We arrive in the ether via the hazy psych drift of 'Dreaming in the Dusk'.  An absolute zoner, the peaceful, introspective feel of the intro settles the listener.  Periodic explosions of percussion - similar to a gong - shimmer in the stereo field.  The languorous pace is apt for this track.

  It's difficult to believe this album has been sitting around for nearly three years - all hail Nod and Smile!  Straight from the top shelf to your waiting head, Clockwork Moon was mastered by Scott Colburn.  It is limited to a pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl.  Heads unite at AQ, the best domestic price!    

peace and love, lunar friends :)