Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Datashock - Status Bloed - Modus Dummheit (MDDM48)

dessert will arrive once dinner is smoked.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

A few months ago, we got Eiderdowned to a bunch of crystal-covered zoners from Datashock.  Well, the Saarlouis gang has returned with an offering of psych burners and experimental zoners. Status Bloed - Modus Dummheit, released on Meudiademorte, is comprised of outtakes from the forthcoming 2LP, Keine Oase in Sicht, on Dekorder.  These tracks are so tasty that it makes me think dessert will be smeared in lovely hash oil!

  Pressing play is analogous to accelerating to the zenith, as the gang shifts into high gear immediately with some super stoney psych rock - admirers of west coast psych rock and Eternal Tapestry will dig these vibes.  Subsequent to baking nicely with that trichome-laden jam, the nascent glow of the sun meets and then rises over the trembling horizon.  As the head acquiesces to the changing conditions, a gorgeous meditation follows saturated with flowing tones, tribal percussion, echoing guitar and an instrument that sounds like a theremin.  Tones flare in the azure sky, as drone surges atop of entrancing rhythms.  Toward the end, a jam ensues.  The flip is such a wild trip! 'Oohaa, da kommt der Schaffner!', has a vibe not dissimilar to the second track on side A.  Heady percussion is fleshed out by sweetly flowing violin, incantations and guitar that glistens in the haze.  However, they save the best for last. 'Das gab's schon alles, und zwar besser...' is music for a cosmic ashram.  When you arrive at the door, one bows in obeisance - ascent is a breath away.  The track commences mysteriously.  And, the listener will certainly be aware of the hazy environs replete with ominous keys; sinuous theremin that writhes through the bloodstream; resonating tones; incantations; and spacey effects.  One thing is for sure:  these folks lay down some potent psych jams and cosmic zoners.  And then, out of nowhere, the energy shifts in the stardust.  The drums come in thick and the track adopts a heavy character - beautiful!

Over here in the Land of Trichomes, it's not a coincidence that when Datashock fills the room with their incomparable sonic energy, the bong water percolates effervescently.  Simply put, if you travel in these zones, then Datashock should be part of your daily listening regiment.  The presentation is gorgeous:  Pro full color printed 3 panel fold cover; Coffee flavored inlay sheet; Black tapes with gold print.  Limited to 100 copies, Status Bloed - Modus Dummheit may be purchased from Datashock, or directly through Meudiademorte.

peace and love, friends :)