Friday, July 5, 2013

German Army - Burushaski (< Beläten )

 dark, dank and mysterious is how we roll at honest bag. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Mysterious analog hallucinations from Germany Army make the flowers go up in smoke. Burushaski, on Beläten pulsates with mystical energy.  One may start this 29 minute odyssey rooted to chair.  However, these jams animate one quickly.  There has been some conjecture about this project and its origin.  Here is what I do know: Burushaski smokes one out with omnipresent, low hanging energy and obscure rituals.  This tape will catapult one many moons away.  It's tape music made for a voyage into the unpredictable night, leaving a trail of trichomes as one catches the dank, dark wave on which this project resides.  Given the dearth of information on the project, the title provides one clue.  In a broad sense, it refers to communication.  When one scrutinizes it more closely, Burushaski refers to a language without a demonstrated relationship to any other language or family of languages.  It breathes through the love, devotion, perseverance and fidelity of its speakers.

  German Army eviscerates the filter and fills the listeners head with lo-fi nugs comprised of analog synths, drum computers and samplers.  The artist(s) are able couple mangled samples and an array of rhythms with layers of somber analog synth.  One of my favorite aspects of this tape is the manner in which the synths are layered.  Vibrant, resonant notes may exist next to heady beats and obscure samples; yet, shortly a layer of light synth is added to great effect. These are well-constructed tracks.  The third track on side A, 'Stone Walls', is more like a song compared to the others.  Meanwhile, the synths are singed and buzzing on the last track of A, 'Mirror Analyst'.  Side B is a treasure.  The alien rhythms and burned out sounds of 'Clan Bride' lead one into two of the best tracks on the album, Bantu and Evening Gold, respectively.  'Evening Gold' possesses these plodding rhythms and muffled synth.  The desolate notes and heavy beats toward the end are beautiful!

German Army tapes disappear quickly.  Burushaski may be purchased directly from Beläten

peace and love, friends :)