Friday, February 1, 2013

Foot and Mouth Disease - Evila (//029//)

let these crystal-covered zoners be the cure for your ailment.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

One should load up on the Grapefruit, as something sweet may mitigate the sinister vibes.  Alas, it is a losing battle as this clandestine noise will make puss ooze from inflected blisters. This feral beast of a tape moves furtively.  Dreadful moans and warped electronics snake through the forest of your mind.  Yet, they feel adjacent, ready to permeate your trembling body. Premonitions abound as a blend of caustic sonics envelops the denizens.  Evila, the latest release by Rochester, NY artist, Foot and Mouth Disease on //Cae-sur-a//, is a trip through a foreboding atmosphere of eviscerating electronics, mortal moans and ghastly guitar.  Many accolades are due to Lawrence J. Patti (LJP), who performs the bulk of the pieces on Evila - David Voelkl contributes electronics on a few tracks.  The pieces are well-performed.  Also, this is the not type of noise tape that will bludgeon one.  Rather, it is subtly sinister, which requires great skill; and through approximately 40 minutes, Foot and Mouth Disease exhibit a proficiency at operating in these zones.  

The squalor and musty stench of 'The Attic' comes alive in the form of spine-tingling electronics that hover ominously.  Next, a stream of pulsating electronics and guitar noise combine with electronic squeals and a throbbing buzz, creating a disquieting atmosphere.  In 'Hannett I', one can feel the beast approaching as bursts of echoing noise are intersected by mutant transmissions - dread drips from the speakers.  One of my favorite tracks is 'The Gauntlet', where ominous percussion mixes with morose moans and noise - very intense and harrowing.  One can almost feel the discharge flowing uneasily from the speakers.  The last track on side A, 'Hannett II' is much lighter than its twin.  On the flipside, the third track, 'Lost', is stellar.  In this track, echoing, fuzzy blotches of sound descend the depths, the contour glowing with the fealty of low end vibrations.  The one thing I really dig about this track is the structure.  Initially, the low-ends are barley perceptible.  Soon, a transition occurs where the noise hovers drunkenly and the vibrations temporarily cease.  As the vitality of the noise becomes obscured by time, the low-end vibes resume.  Meanwhile, 'Lurk' clandestinely enters your skin as subterranean, foreboding vibes become proximate.  Fractured beams of noise approach tentatively - the tendrils of time become palpable, slowly enveloping the listener.

This is your nug for foreboding Friday!  I highly recommend locating a copy of this beauty.  As previously mentioned, if you reside in these zones, then this is your opportunity to experience something extremely well-crafted.  Furthermore, the beautiful artwork - jointly created by LJP and label proprietor, Cory E. Card - matches the vibe perfectly!  Released in a limited edition of 50 tapes, purchase your copy directly from //Cae-sur-a//.

peace and love, friends :)