Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stinging Nettle - Tabernacle Tapes

This is a wild trip, for which enhanced endurance is required.  therefore, lets party with the rabbi - barouch atah adonai! (kosher kush, pictured top).  however, watch out for the fiend, who lurks behind the guttural blasts of guitar... vaporize malevolent spirits with some spirit smoke (OG Diablo, pictured bottom).  peace and love to my friends at Canni Corner.  Their pictures truly make me salivate  xoxo 

Tabernacle Tapes is shrouded in hash oil haze, a mystery for the most part.  Initially, a few tapes arrived at Tomentosa without any note of the people involved.  Those tapes were trichome heavy; lo-fi blown-out affairs of the nonlinear variety.  More so, both cassettes were beautifully hand-painted with intricate designs.  Anyway, some time passed before Stinging Nettle appeared on the Tomentosa site.  To me, it's a tape bulging with a wild amalgamation of sounds - psych, blues, folk filtered through lo-fi haze.  Some of the tape resides in the environs of early Six Organs of Admittance.  Regardless, this tape is so in-the-red that its blazing energy is tantamount to doing successive kief hits.  Sound like your type of nug?  Well, follow me through the door.

Stinging Nettle is a one-sided c54, without a tracklist, let alone any documentation.  However, there are perforations along the trip, which make one believe this is not monolithic, but comprised of separate tracks.   The tape commences with unabashed ferocity, as the guitars teeter on the edge, exuding guttural in-the-red explosions that coexist with acoustic reverie of various shades.  The barely audible lyrics are obscured by the ubiquitous hiss.  If you're breathing heavy already, then take another b-rip and drink deeply - there is still another 50 minutes or so remaining in this trek.  Next, an unsettled, but beautiful opaque drone - a violent coalescence of disparate elements - acts like an escalator by transporting your body through the hazy environs.  Just when one thinks a more lucid comprehension has been obtained, the listener is greeted with fucked up blues that emanate from fractured blasts of distorted guitar.

At this juncture, we have approximately reached the halfway point and i'm sweating profusely  The deluge has occurred, just like Rimbaud asserted.  Thankfully, I presciently packed copious provisions.  In times like these, one must persevere.  And, that's when my musings are eviscerated by an electric/acoustic maelstrom constituted of heavyweight riffs capable of melting hard hash, making one sit back in a feeble attempt to evade the truculence.  Once those vibes seem to be situated in the rear-view, stray sideways transmissions coupled with acoustic guitar manifest slowly from the periphery.  Listening to this is akin to a shroom trip.  The sound has a cathartic quality to it, as the crystal-covered vibrations pulsate like the beating heart.  However, everything heretofore could not prepare one for the folk nug that is essentially the final destination in this hazy trip.  The final stop resembles more of a song than anything which precedes it.

Whew!  Well, if that didn't blow the kief off your nug... Tabernacle Tapes seem to come and go quickly at Tomentosa HQ's.  First, let me say that this is not for everybody.  If you do not prefer to be enveloped by blown-out sounds/heavy psych/nonlinear musings, then keep drifting.  However, if you are a traveler with the endurance of an Olympic psychonaut, then lets get down to brass tacks: you need this tape.  Oh, and there won't be a soundclip to dig.  Stinging Nettle is not that type of tape. For those of you brave enough to take my hand and walk through the haze, I can promise a memorable journey.  For those willing, this release comes highly recommend!!

peace and love, friends :)