Thursday, February 28, 2013

Forming - Variations of the One Essence (Worn Habit no.04)

soothing, peaceful sounds make the trichomes glisten.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Not too long ago, a friend posted samples of warm tape loops.  They were utterly gorgeous and released on a label of which I was unaware, Worn Habit.  Eventually, I became aware that Worn Habit is the sibling of the venerable House of Sun.  The thread running through this is Mike Pouw, who records as Knit Prism.  He just released a beautiful side of music for the Fadeaway 4-way split, which was reviewed here.  Whether it is via Knit Prism or through one of his labels, his unique take on ambient music is something which brings me great joy.  Thus, if you missed out on the Grant Evans' tape on House of Sun, you will likely enjoy Variations of the One Essence, from Forming on Worn Habit.  There is scant information on the artist, but don't get bogged down in that detail.  Rather, allow Variations of the One Essence to permeate your head with its gentle warmth.  In Variations of the One Essence tape loops of grainy, shifting samples are nestled under an umbrella of tranquility, yet exhibit unique characteristics in the splintered sunlight.

Side A commences with 'Eye Appeal - Valid Days', in which a disintegrating tape loop warbles in a sea of crackle and hiss. Subtly, it changes into another loop - the transformation of which is stunning - comprised of a modulating flash of energy that traverses a landscape of elongated wistful notes.  Just when one is drifting on autopilot, intoxicated by its radiating beauty, the loop tweaks your head with a deluge of grainy notes.  In 'Hill', a serene drone negotiates currents of hiss, joined by a series of soothing notes.

  The flip begins with the calming influence of 'Resident of', in which languid, soporific tones billow, slightly obscured by wisps of hiss.  The ethereal 'Perfect Stride' is composed of playful tones and ambient swells of sound that  fluctuate - my favorite track of the tape.  This uplifting passage of sound is followed by the gorgeous 'Chances Wonder'.  As the end is nigh, contemplative swells of sound quiver while gentle notes ascend - the essence of the breath.        

Variations of the One Essence may be purchased directly from Worn Habit.

peace and love, friends :)