Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MV & EE with the Golden Smokehound - Helderberg Haze (TD61)

Frosty nugs for lunar trips!  peace and love to my friends at CanniCorner :)

With Fuzzweed approaching like the heady vibes of a fresh bong rip, there is a tendency to focus on the new.  Well, not too long ago MV & EE along with the Golden Smokehound visited the sacred confines of the Helderberg House in Albany, NY.  These walls are inculcated with the sagacious vibes of Burnt Hills and those that travel within them.  Hallowed grounds for sure, and an apt setting for the lunar love emitted by MV & EE.

They commence the set nicely - setting the vibe from the outset - with 'Flow My Ray'.  A live staple, 'Flow My Ray' is one of the most beautiful songs in the catalog.  Then, they fuel the tank for the atmosphere of Space Homestead before finishing the side with a Dylan cover.  'Shit's Creek' and 'Workingman's Smile' get things moving with beautiful finger-picked guitar, lap steel and percussion.  'Shit's Creek' really shines in a live setting.  And, it's not long before they find the sweet spot, as it turns into a heavy jam - the skull-bong the perfect device for navigation and elevation.  It's the sound of a hard working trio sharing their love.  The trio reach a higher strata on the flip,  orbiting the denizens as they disseminate the sweet vibrations of 'Common Ground' ---> 'Leaves'.

There should be no debate on purchasing a copy of this Helderberg Haze on the venerable Tape Drift.  Kudos to Eric Hardiman for capturing the essence of this beautiful band on tape.  Anybody interested in obtaining a copy should visit two of the best: Flipped Out or Tomentosa.

peace and love, friends :)
thank you to ultraterrestrial88 for the sweet vibe