Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kyle Landstra - Sage (CW09)

the night rider!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

What is the result of crossing Sage, the distinguished herb that possesses copious medicinal benefits, with the mindful, cosmic paeans produced by Kyle Landstra? An aural awakening.  In the event that you missed his beautiful work on Already Dead, Sonic Meditations, and Sacred Phrases, then this is your opportunity to experience something unique and warm.

  Kyle is extremely adept at creating and sculpting a warm, vivid environment.  And, that is immediately presented to the listener upon pressing the play button on Sage, the most recent release by Kyle on the glistening Cosmic Winnetou - one of the best labels around.  It's tantamount to the dawn of a new day, that feeling one sometimes has as they open their eyes and hope to realize the inherent beauty of the day.  I remember being bathed in the radiance of Sage during the dark, freezing night.  From the speakers poured forth glimmering, breathing soundscapes that illuminated the room.  This is a tape in which I place my trust.  It's fealty is unquestioned, while it's sonic healing power is nearly unrivaled.  Sage is the stream of next-level paeans to mollify your ills and the fuel for your ascent, begetting healing, heightened awareness, tranquility and lucidity.

Upon experiencing the nascent radiance of the opening drone in 'An Imagination of The Self', I immediately smiled.  This is exactly the type of music to accompany an inner-seeking journey, an examination of the self and the wonders that populate the environment.  The edifying serenity in the opening minutes of Side A envelops the listener with elongated warmth meandering pleasantly in the front of the head.  It maps the breath with the precision of a ritual.  As one floats through the opening section, the sun at your back, pulsating, soft vibrations of synth gently caress the listener.  Expansive, metallic tones shimmer in the light, as pulsating synth climbs the celestial staircase.  Soon, accelerating beams of sound race to the fore, layers upon layers of tranquility transport the listener to the next strata.  Utterly next level music!  Much like one of my favorite releases of 2012 - Raajmahal's Celandine on Digitalis - the waves of serenity on Sage lead one to that special place where the message of the music fuses with the listener.

The flip opens with another stunner, 'Submerged in Azure Radiance'.  It commences with a modulating beam of sonic energy, flecks of lustrous sound left in its wake as it accelerates through the night sky.  Radiant tones move to the fore, then become ensconced in the drone.  Meditative tones manifest as a stream of azure radiance coalesces with the initial drone - beautiful!  Suddenly, ethereal washes of soothing synth bubble forth from the drone.  Transmissions arrive, ascend, then slowly move to the background while new wonders are birthed.  Drifting comfortably in the sea of blue sound, voluminous, azure tones appear ebulliently.  Its beauty is reminiscent of the Exhalers' Wave Reader trilogy on Exo Tapes, another one of my favorite things from 2012.

Even though Sage was released in 2012, it will feature prominently in my 2013 list. This release is the perfect coupling of two beautiful artists - Kyle Landstra, and Günter Schlienz, who is the proprietor of Cosmic Winnetou.  Günter's wonderful label is one of the best things going currently.  Home-dubbed in real time on chrome cassettes and produced in a limited edition of 80 tapes, Sage features the gorgeous artwork of Thierry Moreau.  Though it is already sold-out at the source, 10 copies remain via Kyle's Bandcamp page.  One should secure a copy through him immediately.

peace and love, friends :)