Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fluorescent Heights - Tidal Motions (PURR 0021)

healing waves of sound for the inherent crests and troughs of life.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

 When the temperature precipitously declines, it may affect one's mood.  It was warm seven hours ago, but now the surrounding area has been pervaded by a maelstrom of wind and precipitation.  In times like these, I turn to my eternal guide: music.  And, if you require an infusion of vitality, then I suggest that you check out the healing sounds of Tidal Motions, by Fluorescent Heights on Constellation Tatsu.  Tidal Motions is brimming with positive energy - nicely symbolized by the beautiful artwork - which is communicated by well-structured tracks of placid synth.

The tape commences with gauzy, azure waves that meander serenely.  As the first track matures, dreamy synth moves tortuously, finding a middle ground between the crest and trough.  A spacious atmosphere exists  in the second track, where voluminous tones beget tranquility.  Along with being well-structured, the textures of sound employed by Fluorescent Heights make the beauty of this tape palpable to the discerning ear.  This is the type of music that you will play on repeat throughout the day.  The third track has a different energy than the others.  It kind of reminds me of the mood created by J D Emmanuel on Wizards.  This track is a slow-burn of languid synth that changes subtly, engendering new waves of sound that drift easily in the nascent energy of the day.  The fourth track is more poignant, yet no less alluring.  It contains the same beautiful elements of the other tracks; yet, it is more restrained and introspective.  The last track is an aural dream, a celebration of sound - perhaps the most soothing on the tape.  In this track, billowing waves of morphing azure synth inflect and glisten in the light - healing energy.

The January batch of Constellation Tatsu is replete with ambient and new age zoners.  The GREYGHOST tape is excellent!  If you are interested in securing a copy of Tidal Motions, then purchase directly through Constellation Tatsu. More so, go for the entire batch!  It contains four awesome tapes and a VHS for an extremely reasonable price.

peace and love, friends :)