Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jake Blanchard - Archaic Practices (FCR13)

tones, drones 'n trichomes!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

For such a special release, only the finest indica would suffice.  The new year is only a few weeks old.  Yet,  Ulrich Rois - proprietor of Feathered Coyote Records and member of the awesome Bird People - has impacted my dome like few others.  The overwhelming beauty of Archaic Practices, from renowned visual artist, Jake Blanchard, was somewhat unexpected, in that I was unaware that he also makes music. If you dig Blackest Rainbow, then you have likely been mesmerized by Jake's art.  Personally, his artwork for the Effigy 2lp from Pelt was a highlight from 2012.  The visceral nature of the music on this tape, combined with ubiquitous ritualistic vibes sees Archaic Practices glisten in the present moment. Concurrently hypnotic, mysterious, foreboding, alluring and disquieting, Archaic Practices is comprised of expansive ritualistic drone and percussion that negotiates a path through the hazy atmosphere.  In the evening, Archaic Practices provides the perfect soundtrack - it makes me feel alive.

It immediately arrives in waves of mesmerizing energy; an offering of a multitude of sounds, the coalescence of sonic elements that bludgeon the listener.  The second track is an introspective zoner of solitary percussive tones swirling ominously among sporadic eerie tones.  The gorgeous percussion juxtaposed to the waves of sonic energy remind me of the otherworldly beauty of Affenstunde.  The flip starts off with disquieting vibrations.  One does not know that which will happen next.  Metallic drone and percussion gradually become more intense, turning into a cacophonous mass of reverberating energy.  Before long, however, it drifts ominously among the percussion.  The last track of the tape diverges from the others.  The mood is more ethereal than foreboding or mysterious.  In the beginning, dubious tones conceal their beauty in a shroud; the atmosphere gradually eases, becoming lighter.  This track possesses a pastoral radiance of ascending and profuse tones that are juxtaposed to a buzzing drone.  Toward the end, unrestrained, buoyant tones fray, producing an environment that would feel at home on Touch Records.

Feathered Coyote is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels.  I highly recommend purchasing a copy of Archaic Practices.  This tape will be something that I fondly remember at the end of 2013 - even though it was released in December 2012.  One of the most pleasing aspects of this tape is Jake's trippy artwork, screen-printed on card stock by Ross Lovelock.  Produced in a limited edition of 100 home-dubbed cassettes, one may purchase directly from Feathered Coyote.

peace and love, friends :)