Monday, January 21, 2013

Innercity - A Minor Prince (Sloow)

gazing at the star of Innercity through the kaleidoscope of Sloow.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The conjurer of copious tangential states of being and levels of awareness promulgates the total mind trip.  A Minor Prince, from Innercity on Sloow, is a variegated nug to say the least. Illuminated in the light - the crystals glistening - it manifests as a labyrinth of lo-fi synth/electronics trips.  If one walks down the nearest corridor, they are greeted with sonic waves of effervescent, new age beauty.  In the distance, industrial vibrations and percussion exhibit another facet of this multidimensional wonder.  There is a capriciousness to the flow of the tape, which is absolutely a good thing.  One is left wondering that which will come next.  If one peers in another direction, they are greeted by the ambient beauty of ethereal and poignant tones.  The mysterious synth ruminations of 'Farewell to Kitten Island' lead to No Mind Pond.  'No Mind Pond', a ritualistic burner, could be that which happens when Sylvester Anfang ii and Silver Bullets burn hash oil until sunrise.  Otherworldly vibrations abound as 'Theme From A Minor Prince' permeates your head.  However, the closer may be the best track.  'Woken Up in Blood' has these brooding, pernicious groans, synth, and trippy sounds reminiscent of Thurston Moore. Pack lightly fellow travelers!

2012 was such a prolific year for music.  In retrospect, this would make my list of Tasty Trichomes. Here is a link to what is likely one of the last copies - if not the last - floating around: Plus Tapes.

peace and love, friends :)