Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Felicia Atkinson - A River (Space Slave 12)

ominous vibrations abound in the crystal-covered environs.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The previous year was a fruitful one for Felicia Atkinson, who also records under the name, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier.  One of the highlights was the beautiful, warm lp, An Age of Wonder - released in tandem with La Station Radar and Shelter Press.  That one was recorded under Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, as well as the stunning, A Guide To The Sun, which was released on Sicsic.  As 2012 approached its apex, Felicia released a tape that exhibits her adroit ability in working with tones, space and time.  A River, released on ascendant Space Slave Editions, ensconces in your head with expansive tones of great depth.  Otherworldly as whole, this is the kind of music that transports one to a different state.  Anybody that digs the deep tones of Oren Ambarchi and various artists on Touch Records will be in heaven. In her interview with Felicia on Foxy Digitalis, Rachel Evans' stated it aptly, "Felicia has an uncanny ability to create whole environments with sound, taking you out of your present physical state and into some other realm where the artists night visions play out before you like a picture-show in slow motion."  Given the intimate nature of these works, I recommend listening with headphones -  the vibrations are pronounced, making one feel more proximate to the sound.

The tape commences with the spacious tones of 'Winnicott', which comprises side A.  In this track, heavy, multidimensional tones pulsate, drifting soporifically over frozen fields of noise.  Sometimes the tones seem inhibited as they traverse the terrain.  At other times, they manifest as thick, commanding beams of elongated sound that stretch to the horizon prior to dissipating.  In the last few minutes of the track, the thick tones appear somewhat removed, vibrating on the periphery and providing a contour to the more pronounced noise. The flipside is just as inviting.  One of my favorite tracks is 'Willa', in which variegated, protracted tones infuse the soul with radiant energy.  'Dora' changes things up a bit with the juxtaposition of plodding tones, vibrating low ends and extended heavy tones.  'Anita' closes out the tape with dark, reverberating tones that are occasionally illuminated with warm flashes of aural energy.

A River is something you will find sitting pretty on my top shelf!  I highly recommend this tape.  Furthermore, this release sees Space Slave illuminating the cosmos.  One of the things I dig about Space Slave, aside from the wonderful sonics, is the variation in packaging and the beautiful design/artwork.  Each Space Slave tape in my collection is unique.  One may purchase A River directly from Space Slave!

peace and love, friends :)