Monday, January 14, 2013

Von Himmel - Florid Pagoda (donkey disk)

fuel for the celestial trip, blazing an indica path.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

It blazes a luminous crystal-covered pathway, ascending the dome prior to disseminating the glorious message from the peak.  We have arrived in the resplendent environs of trichome valley, a setting in which hazy rituals cross paths with cosmic synth paeans to denizens of the moon and blown-out space psych offerings.  Von Himmel have returned in style with Florid Pagoda, their latest tape on Donkey Disk, in beautiful shells reminiscent of old school Sloow.     

Side A commences with spacey synth and effects that drive the listener into interstellar zones; an area laced with luminous organ-like tones, ethnic percussion and quivering strands of synth.  Next, tranquil tones expand languidly juxtaposed to searing noise, while a stream of sonic energy pulsates through the middle.  Sacred drift, reverberating tones and lucid streams immediately bathe the listener.  This track radiates peace.  The sound meanders like the water of a placid lake.  My favorite track on the tape, it shines like the recordings of Gregg Kowalsky and Root Strata.  Meanwhile, a mass of sound obliterates the tranquility momentarily.  Hazy rituals hover ominously, while blown-out guitar and organ ascend tempestuously.

Man.. Florid Pagoda should come as a package deal with Purple OG.  On this tape, four crystal-covered zoners, inculcated in sagacity, cut through the mist and blaze a path to higher zones.  The sonic healing of the third track is something to lightly hold in your awareness - lambent beauty.  One may purchase this cassette through either Time-Lag or Tomentosa.      

peace and love, friends :)