Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Günter Schlienz - The Catalanian Tapes (SR - 02)

Visca Günter!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The Catalanian Tapes, by Günter Schlienz on Seconds Records, reflects on the ubiquitous beauty of Barcelona.  Recorded in August 2010 while in Barcelona, there is a symbiosis between Günter and this beautiful province of Catalunya. Günter opens his arms to the wonderful people and aesthetic of Barcelona, and, in turn, he enriches the denizens and the climate with three tracks of tranquil, ambient sound. Minimal, gentle currents - recorded on Günter's DIY modular synthesizer - pervade all three tracks.  There is a calmness or lightness instilled in each track, which reflects the natural beauty of the area - omnipresent, but especially on 'Inside The Park Güell'.

'Camp Nou', the first track on side A, refers to the majestic futbol stadium, which is home to FC Barcelona. Across a section of seats in the stadium reads the message, 'Més que un club' - more than a club.  The message corresponds perfectly to Günter's ambient paeans.  Ever since hearing the Goldtimers tape, I've thought of Günter's music as more than a pleasing succession of sounds and ideas.  Rather, the aural serenity emitted from his DIY machines becomes part of the listener and illuminates the soul.  Gentle, fluctuating tones  combine with echoing transmissions and soft, infinitesimal multi-textured rhythms in the beginning.  The calm, fluid soundscape reflects the tiki-taka (quick passing and movement) style of FC Barcelona.  As the elements  coalesce, the track comes into being.  Serene echoing tones spiral upward.  Periodic, gentle rhythms infuse the track with vitality.  Nearly imperceptible bass-like tones combine with soft, voluminous trails of notes that glide along the pitch like a Xavi-Messi give-and-go -  a track that magnifies the splendor of the stadium.  The last track on side A, 'Les Rambles', refers to a street - comprised of shorter streets - in central Barcelona.   Fluid, natural sounds pervade the tree-lined street. Peaceful tones spread over Plaça de Catalunya like the incipient sun, which warms the torso as a succession of looped tranquil tones radiates from the confluence of soft low-ends and blissful transmissions from the mod synth - an outstanding track!  However, don't think we are finished yet.  Side B contains one track, 'Inside The Park Güell', which presents a nice contrast to side A - one of Günter's finest tracks.  Regarding aesthetic, it's minimal beauty will please admirers of Josh Mason.  Designed by Antoni Gaudí, the tranquility of Park Güell informs Günter's art.  At the main terrace, the slow climb to the cosmos commences with the coming together of reverberating and ascending tones.  Field recordings and flute are interspersed throughout. The elongated tones from Günter's mod synth stretch the length of the tiled serpentine bench, which surrounds the main terrace.  A masterful track!

  Everything about this tape is excellent and it is perched on the highest of high shelves, where the trichomes glisten.  The diligence and love put into this tape by Mika Perez (Sylvia Monnier), of Seconds Records, is apparent through the sublime artwork, design, and hand-painted/hand-numbered cassettes.  Home-dubbed in an edition of 32, it is sold out at the source. However, a few copies may be floating around.  Anybody interested can send an inquiry here.

peace and love, friends :)