Monday, May 13, 2013

Fallen Axe - As The Sun Reached Eternity (Permanent Nostalgia ‎– no. 19)

dank, organic action for your trip to Frank's star.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)   

From the recent batch of Permanent Nostalgia, Fallen Axe - Frank from Hobo Cubes - provides a well-constructed cassette comprised of lofi, guitar-based ambient/psychedelic zoners that radiate faithfully from start to finish.  First, regardless of the moniker and instrument, one observes through listening that Frank is extremely adroit at structuring a track.  He has a proclivity for adding or removing certain elements at the perfect time, which is conspicuous throughout As The Sun Reached Eternity.  Thus, the music breaths with vitality.  Sometimes shimmering pleasantly in the front of your head, and at other times reverberating ominously in the dark recesses, As The Sun Reached Eternity sees this wonderful artist negotiate dark and light ambient zones.

Flowing at ease from the periphery through the third eye, ominous tones resonate and move quickly to the core as the tape commences.  Periodic, acute tones are interspersed, becoming more prevalent near the end.   The first track segues into a section of swiftly moving opaque, hiss covered transmissions.  The third track is one of my favorites.  It's much different than either of the aforementioned tracks - a serene and psychedelic experience.  A placid loop comprised of warm, ascending tones meanders in the sunlight, as other parts are layered.  Next, it floats through the trichome smoke where a metallic drone is accompanied by tangential chords that radiate in random directions.  The fourth track, the last one on side A, is one of the better experimental guitar tracks I have heard this year.  Admirers of the vibe that Steven R. Smith conjures will find much to love here.  A solemn drone and fluctuating rhythms grow in strength as mutant, submerged transmissions swirl uneasily.  Soon, a burgeoning, enlightening drone faithfully moves to the center of the listener's attention.  Accumulating energy, the drone reverberates in your bones, then becomes obscured by the billowing tape hiss only to return with enhanced vigor - a fantastic finish to side A!  The flip is equally as engaging and psyched out, especially the second track.  The combination of warm, sparse tones and portentous noise at the beginning is one of the best parts of the tape.  As the tremors begin to exhibit more energy, the formerly sparse tones begin to resonate and billow, producing lovely multifaceted sonics that orbit and enrich your head.

As The Sun Reached Eternity is a true treat for the ambient/psych heads out there.  Produced in an edition of 36 and held in a lovely paper case with an insert, As The Sun Reached Eternity may be purchased directly from Permanent Nostalgia.  It's hard to beat 3 great tapes for $17.

peace and love, friends :)