Friday, May 3, 2013

Aerosol Constellations - Within the Beyond (PF053)

stoney jams for the sunset!!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Out here in the land of trichomes, Friday - especially during the spring and summer - is a sacrosanct day.  On this special day, the crystals glisten, the kief is plentiful, the nugs are dense and the jams adopt a heavy character!  Thus, the perfect setting for two side-long slow burners of psych drone from Aerosol Constellations - the duo of J.V. Dub and Bill Batt - on Prairie Fire.  Within the Beyond travels through the labyrinth in your mind at sunset, subsequently negotiating the myriad of doors that line the corridor, and then ascending to the crest.  The tones are singed, as bronze-coated flakes flutter through the recesses of the mind.   These tracks - comprised of guitars and percussion - travel a deliberate path.  The elements coalesce at a nice pace - track one is an exemplar.  An excellent facet of this tape is the manner in which the percussion is integrated.  Sitting in the mix at the perfect volume, the percussion allows the reverb-covered riffs and sections of heavy shredding to sit in the fore of your mind.  Admirers of Not Not Fun-era Barn Owl, Charalambides and Heather Leigh will enjoy this trip.

Crystal-covered tones vacillate and are singed by the departing sun.  The pace of these resonating tones gradually increases, which endows it with vibrations not dissimilar to tracks from New York City Ghosts and Flowers.  Reverb-covered drones resonate through the chasm as the smoldering jam slowly ascends the spiral staircase of your head.  The juxtaposition of these elements is beautiful.  Barely audible, the percussion is a portent, as a psychedelic maelstrom soon sweeps all before it.  Hash oil heavy shredding begets formidable energy as the track reaches for the zenith.  The flip commences in a different manner than its companion.  Where side A was somewhat linear, the flip gives no quarter as a vortex of noise consumes everything with such ferocity that it burns the layer of kief from the bowl.  As the traveler warily walks through the smoke, the journey turns inward and the listener is buttressed by reverb-covered riffs and percussion.

A sure sign of anything top shelf in my collection is the appearance of crystal-covered fingerprints on the cassette shell - deeply symbolic of usage.  Within the Beyond is smeared with crystals and a tape that I highly recommend.  2012 was a stellar year for sibling labels, Prairie Fire and Dub Dutch Picnic.  The latter released two standout burners in that year: Exalted King from The Cosmic Dead; and Technical Death Metal Parking Lot from 3 Leafs.  From the jams to the artwork to the cassette shells, everything related to Dub Dutch Picnic / Prairie Fire reflects the diligence and love of the curator.  The sun is high in the sky; thus, the perfect time to purchase Within the Beyond directly from the DDP shop.

peace and love, friends :)