Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Raajmahal - S/T (Kelippah009)

only the finest nugs for the dream machine that is Raajmahal. peace and love to my good friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Even with the mild winter, Celandine was analogous to resting in front of the fireplace with whiskey and bowls after a rough day of manual labor – the skin cracking, limbs red from exposure and muscles fatigued.  Lo-fi gems inculcated with ethereal vocals and psych guitar would rise over the embers, filling the room with aural warmth and taking you to a beautiful place.  Raajmahal is the psych trio of Pat Murano (NNCK; Decimus; Key of Shame), Carla Baker (Baba Yaga/Flower Orgy), and Santa Wolanczyk (Flower Orgy) .   

They should start to sell this stuff at the corner dispensary, next to all of the top shelf nugs.  Raajmahal's self-titled lp, on Kelippah Records, is psychedelic beauty at its zenith.  Before the summer is over, these languid, shimmering hymns will have you kneeling in obeisance at the altar of Raajmahal, and this lp is destined for your 'repeat listening' pile.  Ringing guitars with heavy effects ascend beyond the palpable lo-fi murk, combining nicely with the mellifluous voice of Carla Baker.  Baker's voice is heavenly.  The overall feel and recording gives one the notion that the songs are on the periphery, yet they are proximate - and that is due to the intimate feel to this lp.   Each track is special. 'Perihelion' is an apt manner in which to begin the record.  Everything, from Carla's saccharine coated voice to the beautiful guitars, exudes warmth. This track is a little brighter - and that could be my perception - than most in the Raajmahal catalog.  Another great track is 'Orgone' which starts off the flipside.  The track fades in nicely, as the sounds shimmer through the hiss - it reminds me of a rainy day in verdant Eugene, Oregon.  For me, the finest track is 'Unknown Metals' - this is Raajmahal at its peak. 

Accomplished psychedelic music, in this vein, just doesn't come around that often -definitely in the year end list. The self-titled lp is extremely limited - only 300 copies were pressed, and the beautiful, psychedelic sleeves were silkscreened by Phil Franklin (Sunburned Hand of the Man) and Christine Shields.  One can purchase this lp either by sending an e-mail to Kelippah or via Forced Exposure.

peace to you, friends :)