Sunday, June 3, 2012

Crippling - Fleeting Talisman (HIV114)

the talisman may flee, but this nug is glistening with fidelity.  peace and much love to Humboldt Relief :)

The title alone, Fleeting Talisman, made me curious.  And my curiosity was immediately overwhelmed with abstract, sonic beauty on this c27 from the new batch of Hooker Vision. The sound of Crippling is opaque, murky, always threatening to disintegrate; yet it is concurrently beautiful, fascinating and consoling.  In the process, the sounds ascend, descend, and throb; however, hope manifests throughout.

 The Hooker Vision website describes this tape as being the product of the grimiest records and crudest equipment available in west Georgia thrift stores.  The person behind the project deserves high marks for their skilled construction of this tape  A close listen will reveal the omnipresent beauty that struggles to breath under a veil of tape hiss.  For example, the first part - the tape appears to be one track over two sides - emits a vibe from a Miles Davis fusion era live show, when the sound of his trumpet would descend among the backdrop of Jarrett and Corea.  Even then, the intermingled sounds of the band would produce an uplifting sound, a feeling of hope.  That feeling is eerily present throughout the rest of the tape: dense, tangled sounds follow the introduction, existing under the hiss before breaking through, descending and reappearing.    Side B finishes the trip properly as flailing loops and broken sounds imbue the environment, refusing to depart as the mood vacillates.

Fleeting Talisman is another sticky, glistening nug from the Hooker Vision discography.  Their tapes tend to sell quickly - The Grant Evans and MSOTT tapes are already gone.  I purchased this tape directly from Hooker Vision.

peace to you, friends :)