Monday, June 11, 2012

Misty Hush Revival - Your Heart is Broken (Guess097)

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NUG LUV 002: Misty Hush Revival

Again, all praise to Nemo Bidstrup, of Time-Lag Records, for turning me on to a true treasure: Misty Hush Revival.  The last Time-Lag update had a bunch of interesting vinyl, including the lovely King George Discovery lp.  However, after reading Nemo's description and listening to a track on You Tube, it was imperative to act quickly.  Glistening beauty like this is ephemeral. The plain artwork made me curious: what is it exactly that resides in these grooves?

 Lovers of music rejoice:  it is not often when a rare 70's lp is recovered and reissued properly.  Guerssen Records, of Catalonia, is responsible for this sticky, crystal-covered nug.  Misty Hush Revival was a club band based in Staten Island.  Initially, the band collated the tracks for this this album, Your Heart is Broken, in 1972.  The track listing included older studio recordings and more recent live tracks.  Only 100 copies were pressed, and for many years an aura existed around this extremely rare album, with only one copy known to exist.

 Your Heart is Broken consists of originals songs, with no covers.  This one covers a lot of ground from saccharin-coated teen-beat, to psych-pop, to fuzzy jams with a heavy psych bent.. And the sound is heavily set in the 60's - more so than the 70's.  This album cannot really be compared. A few tracks may sound like The Bachs, and the opening to a few tracks reminds me of the Beach Boys.  However, the more I listen, i'm intrigued that Dungen, in a few ways, sounds similar to Misty Hush Revival - and that is a great thing because this album is incredible!

Your Heart is Broken is essential summer listening.  One whiff of this stuff will send your head spinning. Once again, Guerrsen exhibits wonderful awareness to detail with this first time reissue. It has everything one would expect of an excellent reissue: it was remastered on 24-Bit, and has original artwork, along with a nice insert that has rare pictures and liner notes by Jack D. Fleischer.

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