Friday, June 1, 2012

Planets Around The Sun - Ram of Heart and The Earthen Chariot (Sloow Tapes 2012)


if you're gonna join us in pushing the chariot across the country, then some special fuel is required.  much love and peace to my friends at Humboldt Relief

UPDATE:  there are a few more sentences appended to the end of paragraph 2: 6/1/2012

Coming home produces some special moments/feelings: smiles, laughs, tears, nostalgia about the process.  Planets Around the Sun have been orbiting this constellation of states for approximately one year, unleashing their style of folk/noise/psych jams on the awaiting denizens.  In the process, they have been disseminating Herbcraft/Cursillistas/Tempera/White Light seeds and watching their love bloom in the rear-view mirror.

  Bring your bong, spaceheads - and an extra nug or two!  One needs proper fuel for this journey.  And what a journey:  75 minutes of distilled psych beauty, bathed in the aesthetic of Sloow, with new artwork.  Prior to commencing the indefinite tour, they culled these glistening nugs that were birthed in various barns, bedrooms and boats.  The overall vibe on this tape is analogous to the feeling of hash oil expanding in your lungs.  One aspect of that condition is the smoke, expanding slowly in your lungs, begins to envelop you.  Ram of Heart and The Earthen Chariot has the same quality.  This one is nicely experienced in its entirety - one big jam.  Bursting with psych flavor, there are earthy, hazy jams; ritualistic zoners; variegated guitar freakouts; hypnotic, percussion devotionals; and ubiquitous, floating incantations.   

There is nothing like a Sloow Tape; And, once more, Ram of Heart and The Earthen Chariot - some of the finest late night listening I have encountered in quite some time - underscores the singular nature of Sloow Tapes.  I purchased my copy from Eclipse, but one can also order directly from Sloow, Tomentosa, and other fine distros.

In closing, I want to send my love and thoughts to Tom Carter and his family/friends.  Recently, it was divulged that he is not feeling well and is in the hospital.  If you want to support Tom and his family in these difficult times, then consider purchasing a copy of the excellent Bardo Pond/Tom Carter 04/23/03 lp from 3-lobed.  As of June 1, 2012, the next 20 sales will be donated to Tom.

All of you are in my thoughts... peace and be well, friends :)