Monday, March 19, 2012

Villages - The Spilling Past (Bathetic 53)

This tape, which is from the new, already sold out Bathetic batch, blew me away on the first listen. Three tapes - all excellent - for $12 is the real deal. A great video of "Beach Pneumatic Transit" is available at the Bathetic page. Villages also have a tape on one of my faves, Hooker Vision.  There are many things happening on this tape, but it is the work of one man, Ross Gentry.

 The tape has everything from a wild stew of acoustic instruments to drones of wonderful depth. One of the finer aspects of The Spilling Past is the way in which Ross structures a song. Additionally, he seems to have alluring surprises in his bag of aural goodies. No time is wasted, as the entire tape is full of dense, mysterious and beautiful sounds. Alright, i'm in the position and bowing - can't wait to hear more of this.  In closing, The Spilling Past is a psychedelic statement of great magnitude.

  Bathetic usually does it right with tapes, and this one is not an exception. The great music is accompanied by the beautiful artwork of Lisa Nance. Though Bathetic is out, here is a list of distros that carry their titles: Tomentosa (sold out, but one never knows), Discriminate, Experimedia, DNT, Eclipse, Mimaroglu and Fusetron.