Monday, March 5, 2012

Buchikamashi - Super Mind (Sicsic021)

thanks to thcfarmer for the trichomes

Admittedly, I come to this review with no background - this is my first experience listening to the meditative sounds of Shin Buchikama, better known as Buchikamashi.  Buchikamashi already has a string of releases on present-day stalwarts such as Digitalis Ltd., Sacred Phrases, Bridgetown and Ginjoha.  Super Mind, the latest release on Sicsic tapes, is the conduit through which the observant listener can realize the present.

On this release, Buchikamashi employs synth, electric bass and field recordings.  The first track begins with  waves of cosmic synth - very relaxing and uplifting.  Deep into the zone, it feels like skipping along a path of trichomes, in the quest for enhanced perception.  The second track is different, a bit more introspective and ominous.  The sounds of Buchikamashi traverse the darkest recesses of the mind - take a candle for this journey.  The flipside contains a side-long track - my favorite on the tape. Once the gong sounds, the reverberations announce the beginning of a spiritual journey.  There is something very natural sounding about this music.  

In addition to the awesome sounds, this tape includes great artwork - a staple of Sicsic tapes.  In the process of writing this, I noticed that Weed Temple had already posted a stellar review of this tape.  Please visit this site - one of the best music blogs out there - to access a highly engaging and complete review of this excellent tape.  Super Mind is still available through Discriminate and Sicsic.  Once Buchikamashi's meditative tones permeate your skin, the process of healing has commenced.