Saturday, March 10, 2012

Navel - Ambient 4: Luneburg Heath (Koppklys 002)

Ambient music on a gorgeous day like this is a real treat.  Koppklys, a nascent tape label from Norway, transmits sounds of beauty to the world.  Some excellent releases, such as Faxmaskin/Ferla split and Long Pond, are no longer available.  Long Pond is particularly stunning and I could see this accompany a listening session that includes Dolphins into the Future - the soothing drone of Long Pond fits nicely with Lieven's stuff.  The new batch includes a new Sundrips tape and Basic House, which was recently reviewed by Guide me little tape.  One of my favorite Koppklys' tapes, however, is from the initial batch.

Navel is a based in Stuttgart and has a myriad of recordings available on Bandcamp.  Ambient 4: Luneburg Heath, by Navel, channels the abundant beauty of  Lüneburg Heath.  These tracks were recorded at morning and nightfall.  The influence is apparent, as the first track, 'Lost on Luneburg Heath', is a warm, gentle drone - a paean for a promising day.   The flipside is a different affair - ambient, yet darker.  It is apparent from the brooding strings that commence the b-side.  Of all parts of the day, twilight is the most intriguing.  There is an unpredictable nature to twilight, which is adroitly presented by Navel.  Dark strings reverberate in the Lüneburg Heath.  The dark ambient nature is contrasted by the warm guitars and drums which close out 'Reflections on Zeit'.  'In the Swamp' is the final track, its ominous tones consuming the listener.

Guenter Schlienz, who recently put out a great tape on Goldtimers, was present for this recording, which occurred in August of 2005.  The acumen of Guenter and his colleagues shines through on this recording.  Act quickly, as there are only two copies left at Koppklys