Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lunar Miasma - Impermanent Nature (Sicsic022)

The artwork for Impermanent Nature, from Sicsic, is captivating.  For me, it refers to the idea of impermanence and the salience of the present.  The artwork is analogous to removing the veil from the moon to see the effects of time. Lunar Miasma, the moniker of Panos Alexiadis, creates electronic compositions for sonic explorers.  The compositions are comprised of waves of sound on which your dreams will ascend and vacillate - such is the nature of life.  This music is the prism through which one can view personal metamorphosis.  Sicsic has produced another quality tape - everything from the artwork to the music is among the best around the cassette community.  The last batch of Sicsic included Quiet Evenings; MGG; Panabrite; and Innercity among others.  Also, Sicsic released one of my 2011 faves, Easy Feelings.  2012 is going to be a great year for Sicsic and the new batch - including Lunar Miasma; Bear Bones, Lay Low/Hellvete; Sashash Ulz, among others - is a portent for this prolific label.  Personally, when it comes to can't miss sounds, I immediately think of: Time-Lag; Sloow Tapes; Stunned Records; Cabin Floor Esoterica and now, Sicsic.  Impermanent Nature is the sound of an electric being traversing the labyrinth of life.   

The opening track - the title track - is a meditation on metamorphosis.  It commences with warm synth tortuously travelling through the synapses, bathing the receptors in sound.  Within a few minutes, a deep drone introduces tension - the changing fortunes of life.  Ultimately, the tension is resolved in a haze of tender synth. Full Absorption, starting off the flip side, is the effect of dreamy synth that begets apparitions of peace, mutual understanding.  The warm, enveloping drones featured here could be titled, "music for indica".  It's conceivable that pain will dissipate in the face of such beautiful music.  The last track has a Tim Hecker feel to it - cinematic and formidable.  Lunar Miasma uses synthesizers, loops and effects to realize his visions.  A few years ago, Lunar Miasma released a tape on stunned and I have followed the path since.  Also, there are fantastic releases on heavyweights such as Digitalis Ltd., Hooker Vision, Basses Frequences, Reverb Worship, Sweat Lodge Guru - really nice art on that release - among others.

Sicsic and Discriminate have this one in stock.  These high quality releases sell quickly and are available in limited quantity.  It only takes one experience to realize the beauty of the Sicsic aesthetic - then you are hooked! 


Thanks to sweetleafcenter