Thursday, March 8, 2012

Paintings for Animals - Thee Body Ov Worship (House of Alchemy 054)

cheers to greendream for the sweet leaf

 If you like deep drones, then lets get lifted together.  Pær Svn, the person behind Paintings for Animals, has been recording heavy drones and beautiful music with this project since 2001.  Throughout the project numerous live collaborators have been enlisted.  Some of the recent releases are on Kim Dawn, Debacle and Painted Records.  Thee Body Ov Worhsip, released on House of Alchemy, presents two sides of deep, shimmering drone.

 The deep drones of Paintings for Animals are apt medicine for maladies of the day.  Lately, this one has become best buddies with my cassette deck and for good reason:  The drones are deep, consuming and slowly building.  Over two sides of heavy drone,  Thee Body Ov Worhsip floats through the recesses of the mind - buzzing, droning, heaving - and emerges on the other side intact. 'Moon Psalm', side a, is a slowly building, resonating drone.  The subtle changes are engrossing.  Perfect medicine for the head.  The flip side give us 'Sun Psalm'.   While it is more varied than 'Moon Psalm', the framework is similar.  Two excellent pieces of music that cover all the bases. One of my favorite things about static tones and deep drones is that, performed properly, they reverberate in your skin.  It is a magical feeling and similar to bathing one's chest in sunlight.  Paintings for Animals accomplishes that in this c40.  Change the water for this one and then...Bong voyage!

Check out the wonderful sounds and jams at House of Alchemy.  Possessing an awesome discography, they have three other recent releases and a bunch of new jams on the way. This cassette may be purchased directly from the House of Alchemy.