Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Various Artists - The Lemon Tape (HCR067/Kinnta Records)

The Lemon Tape, a split release from Hobo Cult and Kinnta, is a compilation tape consisting of 12 slow burners from the Montreal underground scene.  The stuff that Frank, from Hobo Cult, is putting out these days makes me want to move to Montreal.  Christian Richer, the man behind ÉLÉMENT KUUDA and the Haiduks, is the curator.    

Though it is snowing outside, the Lemon Tape provides a relaxing reprieve from the elements.  Despite the tape being a compilation, it provides a smooth listen from front to back.  My favorite tracks are from the Haiduks; The Capital of Plastic Daffodils;  Bataille Solaire; Tomato Saucers; L'oeil Nu; and Element Kuuda.   Psychedelic pop is name of the game here.  Nothing gets too heavy and there are some beautiful instrumental passages.  More often, I find myself enjoying this tape with a strong smoke and a cup of coffee.  The cover of Never My Love, by the Yesteryears, is just lovely - it sets up the flip side nicely.  Not surprisingly, I had dreams of the High Llamas and Stereolab throughout.  

I am pretty sure that this tape is still available.  Hobo Cult may still have copies; the distros will likely have copies.  Kinnta has made the tape available on Bandcamp. For the real lover of music,however, I recommend buying the tape.  The artwork by Christian and Frank is entirely appropriate for this C32.  It might be cold outside, but this tape is the sunshine for your mind.


L'OEIL NU - Trance Oedipienne from Moduli TV on Vimeo.