Friday, February 24, 2012

Sylvester Anfang II - untitled (Southern - Latitudes series)

Though this one was mentioned a week ago, the release of Sylvester Anfang II Latitudes' record calls for a celebration.  First, the packaging is wonderful.  Southern spares no expense in packaging, as the record is housed in a die-cut sleeve frame, with a screen-printed card insert.  It needs to be held to properly appreciate the exertion of those which designed the package.  Aside from the record, the package contains the same dual-sided insert - liner notes, recording details and band photo - as the cd.  

It has been a while since Blackest Rainbow issued Commune Cassetten , the last Sylvester Anfang II vinyl release.  Over the past year or so, they have released a cassette on Who Can You Trust? and reissued Levend Op De Brandstapel & De Braderie.  In addition, the tentacles reach far: Bear Bones, Lay Low has issued a few cassettes on Sloow Tapes, Cabin Floor Esoterica and most recently, a split with fellow traveler Hellvete on Sicsic; Edgar Wappenhalter released a record; and Hellvete released a record, on Kraak.

After spinning this one constantly, I have to recommend purchasing from Southern's shop or from one of the distros.  There is some serious psych baked into the pristine white vinyl grooves.  Compared to the other Sylvester Anfang II releases - including the seminal record on Aurora Borealis - this one rocks with the best of them.  Sylvester Anfang II are unique, but if I had to make a comparison, their sound evokes images of German Oak and Amon Düül II, without lyrics.  

A stoner's delight.

thanks to weedsmokersguide