Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Aloha Spirit - Under Wild Skies (TQ20)

A few connotations for Aloha in Hawaiian language are peace and compassion.  While that association may not be the intent of Brad Barry - the man behind c60 Radio - it is unequivocally apt.  When I think of Aloha Spirit, I immediately conjure up images of empathy, compassion and friendship.  Just a quick glimpse at c60 leaves one with feeling that Brad recognizes good music and knows the tape culture.  Some of the artists featured in his final three shows include Cloudland Ballroom; Parashi; Panabrite; Lunar Miasma; Greg Davis; Rambuten; and Quiet Evenings.  

Tranquility Tapes has released a great tape of soothing synth tones and loops.  Tranquility consistently releases great tapes.  Some of my favorite tapes of last year - Emuul; Panabrite; and Venn Rain - were Tranquility releases.  Those releases, as well as this one, perfectly fit the aesthetic produced by Franklin Teagle, head honcho at Tranquility.  Caroline Teagle, as always, provides compelling artwork - colors that imbue the music.  Her singular artwork makes every tape special. 

Listening to Under Wild Skies is tantamount to accepting the hand of a friend.  Brad makes emotionally resonant music.  On this tape, Brad creates sidelong paeans that illuminate the day.  Had a rough day?  Brad's idyllic music is the perfect medicine.  The edifying tones extend to the horizon and thus make a great meditation aid.  Everything works on this cassette and it is no surprise that it is sold out at the source. 

Discriminate has the medicine to alleviate any malady.  Earlier today, I was hurting pretty badly and did a 20 minute loving kindness meditation.  I feel better and the salience of this music is apparent.  Dear friend, I want to bestow something beautiful from my heart: May you be safe; May you be happy; May you be healthy; and May you live at ease.