Friday, February 3, 2012

Trailing - Opacities & Allures (No Kings 28)

Trailing is the moniker of Ryan Connolly, one half of Sundrips.  Previously, he released tapes on Digitalis, Orange Milk and Debacle.  Sometime in 2012, a release is scheduled for Fadeaway, the label which he operates with Nick Maturo, of Sundrips.  No Kings - the label behind the dreamy Derek Rogers' release, Informal Meditations - presents this tape, with artwork of various cardstock.   

Opacities and Allures is a 28 minute meditation on sound, color and feeling.  The title itself is intriguing and made me contemplate the idea of being attracted to opaque objects.  The music has a quality that makes it feel big - almost as if the sound were acting as a blindfold.  For an optimal experience, the volume should be loud, which brings the drones to life.  Much like life, the process is the best part.  The process is evident in really good drone music. Ryan utilizes guitar and effects to an edifying end - shades of blue and slivers of  metal pour forth from the speakers.  Along with the textures of sound and color, the music exudes tranquility.  

No Kings still has copies for sale.  If you are going to drop out for a little, then wrap this tape around your head.  Peace
Trailing "Opacities & Allures" Side A by No Kings