Tuesday, February 21, 2012

B.R. Garm - The 78th Morning Tide (dttr 025)

First, the artwork alone on the 78th Morning Tide makes it worthy of your expenditure.  Prior to discovering any pertinent information, or even sampling the goods, I knew that the grooves would bear fruit.  This one has been spinning constantly for the past week.  The 78th Morning Tide, by B.R. Garm of Time-Lag favorite, Visitations, is released on Dontrustheruin, a label run by Big Blood.  If you enjoy any of the aforementioned, then it's likely you will dig this record.  

The smoked out grooves on offer consist of lo-fi psych nugs of various tempo, utilizing acoustic and electric guitar.  I really dig B.R.'s style - when he sings, you can feel it.  Despite only using guitar, nothing sounds alike and the vibe is strong throughout.  The record glows warmly into the night, as B.R. does it his way:  telling stories about the apocalypse, getting stoned; of coming together in time of need; watching a girl smoking on rainbows and losing her mind; leaving the devil alone in the rafters; and the pretty red pony turning the frown upside down.

Tomentosa sold their stock quickly.  The record is still available through Dontrustheruin.  

Thanks to amanitamushroom.com for the candy