Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thoughts on Air - January Man (Worn Habit no. 07)

  digging deep into the bag for that otherworldly nug.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The shackles fall to the floor, easily succumbing to the inherent beauty that permeates the atmosphere.  As blissful, dense waves circumscribe the listener, indifference and suffering yield to the moment.  A panacea may not exist in this world.  However, sound in all of its manifestations reverberates and re-calibrates our soul.  Simply put, this music is the analog to the medicine man.  For me, a salient facet of the tape scene is its personal nature.  January Man, by Thoughts on Air and released on the venerable Worn Habit, embodies that characteristic and many others.  In a sky filled with shimmering stars, the warm ambient paeans and folk nuggets that comprise January Man are edifying and visceral. When the dripping wet guitar reverberates through the body, light illuminates the barren corridors.  The august chords and notes glisten in the splintered sunlight, imbuing the day with vitality.  Serene drones meander pleasantly and act as the conduit through which one glides.  Modulating notes extend beyond perception.  At other times, the sky opens and one is blinded by the deluge of tranquil sonics.  In other moments, the listener is ensconced in drifting soporific passages. 

Dear friend, the only habitat for something like this is the top shelf.  The burgeoning spring is upon us and there is an abundance of beautiful energy flowing through this tape.  I foresee many days in the shade garden with this tape by my side.  Furthermore, accolades are due to the proprietor of Worn Habit, and sibling label, House of Sun.  Along with his other musical projects, including the beautiful Knit Prism, the operator of  Worn Habit creates something singular with each transmission.  Though January Man is sold out at the source, trusty Tomentosa will likely have the last copies.  Tomentosa rewards those that have a penchant for refreshing their web browser.

peace and love, friends :)