Friday, April 5, 2013

Pierrot Lunaire - This Love of Mine (sicsic042)

Doctor's orders.  peace and love to my friends at CanniCorner :)

The acid fried soundscapes and third-eye zoners billow from the speakers like opaque clouds of hash oil smoke, creating a strata of dank, slow moving haze that consumes the listener.  Pierrot Lunaire's music encompasses a myriad of genres from noise, ambient, new age and free jazz among others.  Anything but linear and all the time entheogenic, when you step through the portal, leave your baggage in the departed dimension.  Once you are positioned comfortably - provisions nearby - take a few deep breaths.  One feels a cool sensation on the inhalation - entrancing drones - followed by a warm sensation on the exhalation - warped black and white anachronisms blending together in the time lag.  With the rhythm of the breath established, all that one needs to do is touch the play button for ascension to commence.  Reticence is a natural response, but trust me friend - we're going to take this trip together, our spirits intertwined in the ether.  And then it occurs: our breath faithfully traces the contours of Pierrot Lunaire's preternatural transmissions.  Some of the transmissions beget smooth shapes, such as the sinuous waves of synth drone that meander indefinitely in the cosmic dust bowl.  Sometimes the wailing, distended sax outlines the contours of nearby constellations.   However, at other times the formations are jagged and tangential.  Even as one floats, warped human forms occasionally echo on the periphery of heaven.  Regardless of the climate, this is experienced much like life.  Each second presents a new possibility.  The only obstacle is the mind.  Ever since the dawn of humanity, the human mind has been an obstacle.  Once you let go, Pierrot Lunaire's world is as lucid and pure as the rising sun.

This Love of Mine, a double cassette release from Pierrot Lunaire on venerable Sicsic, exhibits somewhat of a comprehensive view of this beautiful artist.  Regardless of the label, Pierrot Lunaire's music is highly experiential.  His music contains a myriad of facets.  If you have yet to bow in obeisance to a Pierrot Lunaire release, then there is no better time than the present.  Loops of blurred anachronistic sonic missives are analogous to the pulsating periphery of the psilocybin experience, as the Blue side commences. Various colors begin to glow intensely.  Strange nights and vibrations in this floating halcyon.  The variegated stars seem to twinkle for eternity in this cosmic ballroom.  Soon, the listener is catapulted into an amalgam of warped incantations and distorted radio waves.  As the Yellow side begins, the tears begin to accumulate and a cosmic deluge is proximate.  I love this aspect of Pierrot Lunaire's music, which is reminiscent of his split on Koppklys with Sky Stadium.  Fuzz-encrusted electronics pulsate, while the fried synth plays notes, each successive one a touchstone that leads to the apex - those who admire Peaking Lights will dig this section. The perceptions are frenetic and sorted in some type of random chronology.  Brief bursts of piercing sax transform into ghastly, distorted incantations buttressed by noise.  One may refer to the Green side as schizophrenic.  Sometimes the inherent beauty of music makes want be ensconced in the middle.  However, I invite the listener to remove themselves from the floor level, where the vibrations are visceral, to the unencumbered sky, which affords a beautiful view of the Green side. Pierrot is in the grid, and the medicine man's sagacity plays out like a psychonaut's dream.  Sax leads into shamanic grooves with serene tones glistening on the periphery.  Next, another sax part gives way to percussion and incantations that emit a vapor trail.  That trail leads to an oasis of fried cosmic transmissions and noise.  What may seem like a vacuum is the glistening breath in all its beauty.  Lastly, the Red side is comprised of a wonderful sax section.  It almost sounds like breaking waves in the background.  A woozy loop and obscured vocals are the last exit of this otherworldly journey.           

Frédéric Cordier's artwork is beautiful.  It does an excellent job of illustrating the music. Though my search was far from exhaustive, S.O.L Sound is probably one of the only distros with a copy for sale. However, one may purchase the digital version at the Sicsic Bandcamp page.

peace and love, friends :)