Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Excavation (Assommer 003)

fuzzy nugs covered in hash oil.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Funeral Folkers and French psychonauts, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, pack it tightly with four trichome encrusted jams unearthed from the catacombs and presented on Assommer.  Purveyors of a wild amalgamation consisting of psych garage, punk and space rock, these raw, fuzzed-out jams were recorded in the caves in 2007.  Excavations is one of those heavy psych rock albums that sit on the top shelf, where the trichomes glisten.  The hyper wah-fuzz explorations and krauty rhythms accelerate deep into the recesses of the mind.  Once they find the destination these hash oil missives billow, such is the coalescence of the recording quality and raw, obliterating psych.

Side A consists of 'Girl', a blazing hash rocket to the head!  The guitars are full of fuzz and wah, reverberating in your skin; the percussion is propulsive; the bass makes hypnotic forms; and the vocals are beautiful for this type of music.  Admirers of the good days of Comets on Fire will find much to enjoy here.  Side B immediately explodes over your weary head - Anfang style - with wah-fuzz ferocity and a heavy groove.  The next track, 'Bordel', features piercing synth, which is eviscerated by smoldering fuzz and shredding that seems to envelop everything - beautiful!  Lost in Space succumbs to fate, ascending through formations of voluminous  tones and wah-fuzz crystals.

This one is highly recommended and rare - 500 copies.  For purchasing options, I suggest contacting Eclipse Records.  If unsuccessful, then discogs has a list of sellers.  Around $30 should do the trick for a mint copy.

peace and love, friends :)