Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pandelindio - Fuego Y Soma (FCR19)

purple power - let it flower in your mind.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The field recordings coincide with the initial appearance of light.  Vibrations from the water slowly bring the lethargic body into focus.  As the sun crosses the horizon, the drone peaks in the mind.  Its radiant energy pervades the stained glass portal and refracts in a myriad of directions.  Pandelindio create ritualistic zoners that produce endless symmetrical ripples in the tranquil pond birthed by awareness.  As the tape commences, box tambura, violin, percussion, incantations and other sounds coalesce to breathe life into the still, somnolent body.  A self-described solo and collective project from Argentina - Fuego Y Soma on Feathered Coyote by Pandelindio is comprised of founder Federico Fossati and Pablo Picco, from Ø+yn.  A unique, engaging release, Federico and Pablo utilize a wonderful array of instruments and sounds - with strong Indian and Middle-Eastern influences - including box tambura, didgeridoo, violin, shehnai, bansuri, harmonium, chanting and field recordings.  As the first track animates your soul, the second track - full of mystical beauty - begets intoxicating, intricate patterns that elevate the body from malaise.  Combined with the wind instruments and bansuri, it provides a wonderful contrast to the first track.  The flipside presents an excellent jam comprised of harmonium drone, chanting, bansuri, didgeridoo, and other sounds.

  Lately, I cannot fathom waking to the day without these otherworldly transmissions.  More so, the stellar drones on Fuego Y Soma complete the cycle at dusk - the lucid, flowering breath spiraling to the zenith.  Feathered Coyote is an exemplar.  The latest batch is awesome, and it also boasts an excellent tape by Eric Arn.  For me, this tape along with the Jake Blanchard release are two of the year's best.  Released in a limited edition, Pandelindio is also responsible for the beautiful photography and design .  This release is highly recommended and it may be purchased directly from Feathered Coyote.

peace and love, friends :)