Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Haiduks - 1968 (KNN003)

sweet sativa - psych pop perfection!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

And... it finally descends upon us eager denizens, seeking a taste of the refined sweet nectar that is The Haiduks. As proprietor of Verdun-based Kinnta Records, Christian Richer produced somewhat of a harbinger to 1968, the sunshine-powered Lemon Tape, which featured various artists.  That was the first taste of Richer's penchant for creating beautiful pop music.  A few months later, Kinnta released Ionian Dream by Soft Mirage - the duo of Richer and Norm Chambers of Panabrite.  One of my favorite tapes of the year, Ionian Dream succeeded in presenting intriguing ideas, instrumentation and arrangements of sound.  Upon hearing 1968 for the first time, one cannot help but notice the diligence, thought and creativity that went into making this record.  And, it's not all sunshine and lollipops.  While some tracks dwell in the sun, others travel a different path, which serves Richer well as the listener is able to perceive each facet of his artistry.  The result is a wonderful, well-rounded pop record that features excellent songwriting and many of the other facets that made Ionian Dream an outstanding release.

  The resplendent and languid 'Diamond Drop' opens the album, featuring Richer's breathy vocals.  'Weeping Willow' is one of my favorite tracks on the album.  It contains warm, resonant vocals, strong songwriting and arrangements - quite beautiful!  The twang of 'You're Not Around' gives way to an uplifting vocal style and pace.  A gorgeous intro of floating keys is usurped by buzzing, Dungen-like guitars and languid vocals on the penultimate track of side A. The closer on side A, 'Leaving',  is much different than its predecessors, complete with sax and foot-stomping rhythms.  The flip reveals the uptempo instrumentation of 'I'm Still Here', which is followed by a salient track, 'Melodie', which features languid melodies, great songwriting, and arrangements that include a strong contribution by the clarinet.  'I Have Left for You' closes the lp with acoustic reverie and shimmering synth - a peaceful way to finish.

I cannot stop spinning this record.  Christian's sublime and dreamy pop tendencies on this release will bring out the Sunday stoner in you.  Pressed on 150 g black vinyl and featuring a full-color printed jacket designed by Christian, one can purchase this lp directly from Kinnta.

peace and love, friends :)  

The Haiduks - I'm Still Here from Kinnta Records on Vimeo.