Thursday, December 20, 2012

Century Plants - S/T (TD50)

a sonic hash rocket that will re-calibrate your dome.  peace and love to Humboldt Relief :) 

There is no amount of state control that could keep these supreme vibrations from pummeling your weary head. This is a beast of a release!  Essentially, your arsenal does not possess powerful enough interceptors to keep this blazing hash rocket from redefining your head-space.  This one-sided live lp, marked by the intense vocals of Ray Hare, finds Century Plants inhabiting a different territory relative to Dissolvers.  The jam that comprises the only side of this lp is a tribute to British hardcore legends, Discharge; performed in the punk spirit of '82.  The idea is apt, given Ray's contribution to that era as the lead singer for Washington DC's Deadline.  Everything about this lp is awesome.  Yet, it's the manner in which Ray's vocals combine with the sonic assault of his Burnt Hills brethren -Eric Hardiman and Phil Donnelly - that defines this blistering side-long track. Where Dissolvers unleashed charged, drifting zoners that were an amalgamation of noise, doom, metal, drone and psych, the S/T vinyl resides in more rock-imbued environs comprised of punk, noise and psych rock.  First, this music deserves to be played loudly so that the energy flows properly. There's really no time to acclimate, as these guys bring it fiercely from the drop of the needle - a sonic onslaught that will not abate.  Subsequent to the ominous vibrations of the beginning, swirling, fuzz-drenched feedback, bass and percussion lock into a heavy groove - vapor trails emitted from Ray's echoing vocals.  A powerful statement from upstate NY's finest.  With quantities dwindling, secure your copy via Tape Drift or through Flipped Out Records.

peace and love, friends :)

thanks to chrusty and albanysonicarts respectively for the good vibes