Monday, December 10, 2012

Lutto Lento - Duch Gór (Sango024)

 with love from trichome peak!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Folks, this gem of a cassette is unlike anything i have published on Honest Bag.  Lutto Lento is the project of Sangoplasmo Records proprietor, Lubomir Grzelak.   Duch Gór, Lubomir's second release on Sangoplasmo under the Lutto Lento moniker, could be referred to as folk music that is a confluence of ambient music and various sounds; the description notes that this is a tribute to the Polish and Czech mountain spirit of the Karkonosze Mountains.  In English, it is referred to as the Giant Mountains. On this release, Lubomir creates emotive soundscapes utilizing an organ, processed field recordings and a myriad of sounds and voices.  There is a mysterious beauty that abounds throughout this tape.  Often, I listen to this at night.  I find that this music instills the night air with calmness.

Side A is titled, 'Duch Pierwszy'.  It feels like two distinct parts.  Initially, a mellow, oscillating drone caresses the listener as voices, sounds, and field recordings combine to create an alluring picture.  As the track matures, the sound begins to veer and soon it feels intimate - almost against your skin.  The track moves to a new terrain, as two elongated tones wearily expand as the sound of horns and voices move higher - the sound of inevitability.  Side B is titled, 'Duch Drugi'. For me, it is very hard to describe the glistening beauty of the music that commences the second side - it's such a personal experience.  The solemn organ drone that begins side B is the type of sound that awakens the copious restless souls that line the sanctuary walls.  It is extremely moving music.  This part fades into another phase, in which quivering tones obfuscated by voices mutate into vacillating waves that are joined by spoken words.

Duch Gór is highly recommended!  Released in an edition of 100 cassettes, Lubomir is also responsible for the artwork.  One can purchase Duch Gór, along with many other Sangoplasmo tapes, directly from Sangoplasmo.

peace and love, friends :)