Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Former Selves / Journey of Mind split (SS04)

waves of healing energy.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The healing energy of this music is undeniable.  On this split between Former Selves and Journey of Mind - released on Jimmy Billingham's label, Sunk Series - two extremely talented artists illuminate the pathways that lead to the cosmos.  Both artists produce sublime ambient works, each possessing special characteristics.  In the end, their music leads to same place of peaceful awareness.

Former Selves commences the split with warm organ-like drones emanating from the synth and embracing the listener - concomitantly uplifting and contemplative.  The shimmering beauty of this section travels with ease over the synapses, becoming part of the listener's journey.  Delicate, torpid synth hymns slowly engulf the head.  Soon, bright droplets of synth expand over a sea of ethereal protracted tones.  Waves of energy wallow in the presence of moon as slowly cascading tones randomly descend from the sky.

Journey of Mind is Jimmy Billingham's most recent project.  His side commences with a warm, woozy static-inculcated plea to the cosmos.  The stars align for this trip into the ether, as the listener ascends into constellations of bent shapes, warped sounds and a welcoming climate.  Golden sighs dot the sky as a stream of tranquil energy explodes before being reconstituted.  If you think the first track was gold, then wait until the minimal beauty of the second track graces your head.  Even though the track spans only a few minutes, I think it represents some of Jimmy's finest work.  It begins with distorted, breathing notes that glisten in the starlight.  This part alone makes me excited about ambient music.  Next, it is followed by cut-up, distended and smeared sounds.  Throughout the year, we are fortunate to be in the presence of  those few golden moments of music that personify life - the culmination of sadness, regret, elation, contemplation,  and ambiguity among other things.  A perfect manner in which to end the year.

It would be a wonderful treat to hear both of these artists working together.  Don't forget to give some love to Olive Oyl, as this split pervades the head and becomes part of your experience.  Released in a limited edition of 50 numbered, pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes, the cosmic artwork for this tape is attributed to Jennifer Crouch and Jimmy.  One may purchase this lovely cassette directly from Sunk Series.

peace and love, friends :)